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Leon's Story

Since Leon has worked with Transform UK he has communicated how much happier he has been. Leon has always struggled to engage with the professionals around him. He explained how he has always felt failed by the education system which made him stressed. TransformUK's music project allowed him to express himself through providing a platform. This aims to help other young people with similar issues as Leon.


Our team members, Paris and Kennedy, have continued to encouraged Leon. This has showed him there are genuine people who want to help and support him.


We also helped Leon create content for a book aimed towards young people. This book aims to help young people who face similar difficulties to Leon.


Additionally, we have communicated to Leon's school the best way for them to support Leon. We helped them with an approach and plan to manage his behaviour.

DF's Story

DF came to us after being excluded from school. On arrival he was a closed book and quite angry.


After engaging with him on a compassion project he started to become more open. He said that TransformUK was the best provision that has helped him after we helped work on his character education and emotional intelligence.


DF is a highly vulnerbale young person with special educational needs in speech and language. At the end of one project he wanted to give a speech. Through producing music DF has really developed and grown in confidence. 

ZF's Story

ZF came to us at the start of January. Kate met him in court and started to engage with him. At this time, ZF had 2 pending cases. Within his family and home, he was surrounded by serious youth violence which led to these convictions.

Kate supported him through all court cases and supported in custody over the weekend.

ZF took part in regular weekly coaching sessions and various volunteering opportunities such as; working with TransformUK education programme as a teaching assistant, as well as assisting with the people's project.

TransformUK helped him flee violence and move out of the borough. Due to his work with TransformUK he was able to avoid a custody sentence.

Supported with education online, there has been a complete transformation in ZF, and he has not had an arrest since and he is now safe out the borough.

RD's Story

RD was referred to us by youth violence exploitation team as he was heavily involved in gang violence. Kate first met RD when he had been stabbed 3 days prior. RD gave Kate his 15-inch knife from his house, and Kate gave the knife to a partner organisation helping to prevent a retaliation attack.


He has engaged excellently through weekly coaching sessions and studio sessions. He has produced 3 tracks in the studio and within his work we have truly seen progression. His first track was very drill, glamorising violence - and his latest was a positive clean track.


When he first engaged RD he has just been excluded from a pupil referral unit for punching a teacher in the face. He was also frequently violent towards adults. TransformUK were able to integrate him back into mainstream education. 

Over the course of working with him RD has worked on his outside activity and we are currently in the process of supporting him moving out of the borough. 

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