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Transform UK was birthed in 2016 in partnership with Shoreditch Tab Centre.


Both Eddie, our CEO, and Dominy, our Transform Children's Homes Managing Director had an experienced background in leadership with a particular focus on;

  • Alternative education provisions

  • Apprenticeships

  • Children

  • Families


Their professional expertise and personal experiences inspired them to develop TransformUK. TransformUK was developed as a small, nurturing community based project. At its core, TransformUK is designed to demonstrate love in practical and productive ways.

The Shoreditch Tab were already delivering projects within the community, working with;

  • Homeless

  • Elderly

  • Youth

Therefore, a partnership with TransformUK made sense.


Since 2016 we have supported over 500 of the most vulnerable young people across London. We helped to;

  • Develop their social, mental and physical health

  • Achieve outcomes in the area of educational attainment and engagement

  • Increased wellbeing

  • Reduced criminal activity.

"Thank you so so much for what you have done with my son, this evening he came in with the biggest smile saying he wished he could go every day!"



  • Getting ready to open our first children's home and recruiting our staff team.


  • Incubating our girls only, children’s home and recruiting our Registered Manager. 


  • We are currently working towards designing and developing our first Children’s Home. Our aim is to build a family like model which demonstrates love at the centre.


  • We transitioned many of our services online, due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. This allowed us to still support the most vulnerable in the community. Our amazing team also started delivering food and meals to people’s doorsteps!


  • We secured our London Mayors funding.

  • We launched our Word Forward project. Word Forward is a lyric and music project encouraging creativity. The project aims to help young people express their emotions. 


  • We launched a women’s night shelter helping to support 21 women over the coldest months of the year. Within this programme we provided;

    • Shelter 7 nights a week
    • A meal

    • Breakfast

    • Transitional help

For this we worked in partnership with various other local organisations.

  • We continued our work within our Alternative Provision programme.

  • We launched our music studio which we funded through our crowd funding initiative. Through this, we were able to carry out a variety of programmes to support our local community.

  • We launched TransformCoffee, our partnership with Notes Coffee Roasters. Through this we are able to provide great coffee which also transforms lives!


  • We continued to build upon our existing projects

  • We organised a summer residential for 20+ young people to a youth festival, Soul Sister.


  • We launched our Alternative Education Provision programme. This programme provides an outstanding educational curriculum for disengaged young people. This helps to improve the life chances of young people by transforming their education.

  • Commissioned by Tower Hamlets Local Authority.

  • We started to grow our youth club provision alongside our holiday programme.

  • We continued to build and grow Shoreditch Tab’s existing project, their Cook School. The cook schools works with young people who are struggling in the education system. We aim to improve low level behavioural issues.

  • We continued to run the People’s Project, alongside Shoreditch Tab.  This project provides a safe space for those experiencing homelessness and living transiently. Within this programme we provided a meal and offered moving on advice. For this we worked in partnership with Spitalfields's Crypt Trust. Together we assisted an estimated 60-70 people daily.

  • We started our crowd funding initiative which we used to fund our music studio (launched in 2019). This allowed us to carry out various music programmes to support our local community.


  • TransformUK was founded, bringing transformational love to the poorest parts of the UK.

  • TransformUK established our partnership with the Shoreditch Tab. Shoreditch Tab is a growing church based in Shoreditch, East London. Together TransformUK and Shoreditch Tab work to assist the local community. Our main focuses are;

    • Supporting the homeless or vulnerably housed

    • Supporting young people struggling in the education system

    • Supporting the elderly and isolated


  • Established in 2015



David S.jpg

David Shosanya


David is a leadership consultant. For over 15 years he was Regional Minister at the London Baptist Association. In 2005, David was involved with a national tour (Guns On Our Streets). The aim of this was to raise the awareness of gun and knife crime challenging the church to respond. David was part of launching the Street Pastors Initiative -which now has over 12,000 members. He is a visiting lecturer at Spurgeons Bible College in London as well as a sought after public speaker.


Dominy Roe


Dominy is a co-founder of TransformUK. For fifteen years, she has worked in a range of charity and community organisations. Through these she supported; children, young people and their families. Dominy is a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow. She also runs an online women's only fitness and wellbeing programme. She works supporting girls and women to overcome childhood trauma and heal from unhealthy behaviours. Dominy is survivor of childhood abuse and has lived experience of the care system.

Kimberley Bennett

Registered Home Manager

Kate Hilton

Former Employee & Advisory Board Member 

Kate now works for the serious youth violence team, we know we are bias but we believe she is one of the most incredible youth practitioners. She is passionate about keeping young people safe and delivering intentional interventions to help them discover their dreams.


Eddie Stride


Eddie has over twenty years’ experience of managing, leading and growing small charities. He helps charities to progress and have a larger social impact in their communities.  Eddie was listed in the Evening Standard's 'London's Most Influential People' for his work in the third sector. He has also overseen OFSTED Inspections in the leadership of the first dree school in the UK. Eddie was the Campaign Partner for the Ladder for London Campaign. This initiative assisted young adults entering into work through paid apprenticeships. He now sits on the board of Trustees for Ladder for London and Stepney Life Centre.  


Paris Sellwood

Former Student & Employee & Advisory Board Member

During her time in education, Paris was excluded from three different schools. This included a mainstream school, a pupil referral unit and a college. She was also taken off of her 1:1 placement with a tutor. In 2017, Paris came to Transform UK as a young person on the first ever alternative provision. She said that throughout her education she was so used to not liking the professionals in her life. She felt that they were not genuine and like it was just a job to them. However, when she came to Transform UK she said it was different. She said that she was provided transformation love which allowed her to thrive. Paris is now the Deputy Manager for a nursery.

Lian Lynch

Administrative Support

Charlotte is a mum of two, Flo and Jensen, and has worked alongside Dominy and Eddie in many previous roles. She is an excel spreadsheet miracle worker and general all around amazing woman!  

Hannah Sissi

Former Young Person & Lived Experience Consultant 

Hannah has played an instrumental part in helping design everything to do with the opening of the children's home. Hannah is also a consultant for Frontline Charity where she supports the development of training resources for social workers. 

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